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Let's Take Hate Away From American Politics. 

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As an Army Veteran and devoted single father of two, Antonio Merrick bring dedication and commitment to his mission of bridging the divide in the country through education and truth. Hailing from Camden County, GA, which shaped his conservative values, he has extensive grassroots political activism background for the GOP  in Virginia and the RNC in Washington, DC. 

Antonio Merrick is the creator and voice behind the American Mentor Show, a blog and platform designed to combat misinformation and foster unity among the American people. By leveraging his diverse educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Administrative Leadership, and a graduate certificate in Government and Commercial Contract Management, Antonio Merrick aims to leverage his relationship with his God and the love for his country and all of her 330 plus million citizens, to build impactful content with only social responsibility in mind.  

Antonio Merrick's passion for education and empowerment extends to offering consulting services, training, and development for those looking to strengthen their brand and message. Antonio is also working on his forthcoming book, and he is eager to share his insights and experiences to engage and educate his audience, contributing to a more informed and united America.

Inspired by his daughters, Autumn-Lynn and Aaliyah, and driven by his experiences in Human resources and Talent Acquisition, Antonio Merrick is dedicated to making a difference by providing accurate, informative, and thought-provoking content. It is his belief that together, we can rebuild trust, promote understanding, and create a brighter future for our nation.


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